Nicola C. Priest - Romance Author

Liverpool 2016 was put together in less than a month. 

The circumstances surrounding its conception caused upset, anger and frustration to many people, including myself, but I can honestly say that this event, my second signing as an author, was fantastic!!

Arriving at the Park Hotel the day before was a good thing, as was not having too many in the bar on the Friday night, a bar that we easily took over for the entire weekend!!

Doors opened to those who had purchased free tickets at 11am, giving me two hours to set up my table.  Once that was done, I had chance to mingle with fellow authors, volunteers and assistants, grab any books I wanted and swag that looked pretty.

At 11am, the doors opened. 

Lots of familiar faces came to my table, and it was lovely so see so many people that I knew, several of whom had already read my books, which, even though this was my second signing, was still strange to hear.

People actually read my books?? Who would have thought it. 

The most common question I was asked over the course of the signing; So tell me what was your first book? I was never asked that at my previous signing so it was weird to be asked it so many times at this one, but I was happy to chat with readers and bloggers alike about my books, and take the occasional photograph.

Things started to quieten down at around 3pm and by half four, most of us were all packed away and raring to get to the bar for some food and drink.

I don't think the hotel staff knew what was going to hit them when they agreed to host this event for us.  Nonetheless, they were all friendly and polite, some even getting into the swing of things by reading the books and playing games with ice cubes.....don't ask.

All in all, this event was a huge success.  I got to meet lots of old friends and made lots of new ones.  I am so pleased that I had faith in Leigh and stuck with this signing, even after everything that had preceded it. 

Liverpool 2017 is happening, and I can only hope to be a part of that one too.

Liverpool 2016