Six weeks ago, I revealed my deepest secret to Alistair Lockwood.  Six weeks ago I left his apartment and haven’t looked back.  Despite the heart-breaking decision, I know it was the right thing to do, for us both.

It’s been since weeks since Samantha dropped a bombshell and walked out on me; walked out on us.  Six weeks since everything I thought I knew about sex, and that’s a lot, was turned on it’s head. 

And now…..?

Alistair is determined to prove to Samantha that he can be the man she wants, but when a tall, dark stranger enters her life, he is more motivated than ever to be everything that she needs, both in life and in the bedroom.

Samantha and Alistair know that being together won’t be easy, but with the past refusing to remain in the past, will they get the happily every after they both crave?

Samantha Westfield

Alistair Lockwood

Mind & Soul

Book 2 in the Heartland Series