Just one night.

That’s what I told myself. One night of madness before I start my new career, far away from my interfering parents, overprotective brother, and cheating jerk of an ex-boyfriend.

Having a one night stand hadn't been part of my plan, but what a one night stand it was. I mean, best I've ever had, and by that I mean totally mind-blowing! Who'd have believed I would bump into him several weeks later.

Yes, my one night stand has a name, Kyle Brendan, and he just happens to be my new boss! If that wasn't bad enough, he is right in my eye line eight hours a day, looking handsome in his three piece suits, hiding what I know is a sinfully delicious body underneath.

I promised myself our tryst would be for just one night, but now that I see him every day, I'm starting to wonder, will one night be enough?

One Night