Jason Harper is one of the best agents the FBI have to offer, but when a big case he is in charge of somehow goes wrong, figuring out why is all he can think about.

He needs a distraction, and that comes in the form of Alexia Mason, a fellow FBI agent and object of his desires. His plan almost works, but when a call comes through to tell him they have a new case, his pursuit of Alexia must be put on hold.

Four girls have gone missing, feared kidnapped. As more information comes in, it becomes clear that all of the women have a connection to Alexia but, when two of the women turn up dead, the stakes have never been higher.

Jason is prepared to do anything to protect Alexia from whoever is responsible, but with no evidence and no obvious suspects, is he really prepared to risk his career, maybe even his life to keep her safe?

Nicola C. Priest - Romance Author

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