On the morning of 18 July 2015, I woke to my alarm at 6:30am.  My stomach was churning and I convinced myself that it was all down to the alcohol consumed the previous night.  "Fizzy pop and a good brekkie, that'll cure it" I told myself, and it did, for all of ten minutes.

When I was sat on the "big yellow fun bus" headed to St Andrew's, I finally admitted that what my assistant had been telling me all morning was true: I was nervous as hell.

Allsorts of questions were running through my mind: What if no one knows who I am?  What if I'm sat there all day like an idiot?  All of these things were contributing to the nerves I was feeling and, when I was setting up my table, I was about ready to pack up again and bolt right out of there.

When I finally sat down for ten minutes and looked around the Boardroom, which also contained Isobelle Cate, RJ Sable, EJ Shortall, Theresa Sederholt and Jessie Courts, I realised that everyone was just as nervous as I was so I was in some bloody brilliant company.

The minutes ticked by and pretty soon, our room was receiving a steady stream of readers and bloggers.  Everyone was so friendly and I was blown away by the amount of people who not only knew who I was, but had also read my books.  To say I was surprised that I sold out of all my paperbacks by 1pm was a massive understatement.  Thank god I'd bought an order form with me so people would order books if they wanted to.

The one thing I was surprised about was how hesitant people seemed to take Swag from the table.  Me and mt assistant Sarah had to all but force swag on to some people as they either didn't realise they could just take it, or were too shy to just reach out and grab bookmarks and postcards. 

I can honestly say I have never signed so many kindle covers and whoever came up with the "author bingo" idea, be it Cassie, Kelly or Stalker H deserves a medal for that one.  Brilliant Idea!!

Whilst we were all signing and chatting with the readers, we had several rather sexy men wandering around the place. Scott King, Tony Wright, Garrick Murdie, Bailey Lee and Rick van den Bosch all grabbed the attention of the ladies at both the signing and at the after party (which was also a roaring success), be it with or without their tops on.  Those men are welcome at any signing I happen to be attending.

This was my first signing and I had no idea what to expect.  What happened over the whole weekend was a wonderful experience. I got to meet a lot of people I'd only interacted with on Facebook and Twitter, many of whom I now consider to be friends.  The readers and bloggers were just as important as the authors and made this weekend one I will certainly never forget.

Thank you to everyone who made Second City Signing one to remember always :)

Seccond City Signing July 2015

Nicola C. Priest - Romance Author