Unholy Passion

Book 4 in the Miller Family Series

When Charlie Miller decides she's had enough of University, going back home is the only plan she has. An independent woman, men have never been important to Charlie, but when she first sees Isaac, the too good-looking manager of the venue where her brother will perform his first gig, she can't get him out of her head.

Charlie intrigues Isaac Hamilton from the first moment he meets her. Despite their age difference, he makes it his mission to get to know her better, but there’s a dark side to him that he only shows to a few people, and he wants to show it to Charlie.

The passion they share is explosive, but will Charlie be on board with Isaac's darkest desires, or will his urges prove too much for her to handle?

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Unholy Fears

Book 3 in the Miller Family Series

With a passion for live music, going to gigs is what Amber Randle lives for.

When her favourite band, Unholy Trinity, comes to town, Amber is determined to get tickets to see them. What starts out as a fun night with a friend takes an unexpected turn when Amber meets the man of her dreams.

A relationship based on lust, quickly evolves into something more serious, and Amber makes the decision to leave behind her life in Birmingham, to move to London to be with Nate Miller.

Being with him is all Amber wants, so when Nate gets the chance to be part of his own band, Amber tries her best to be happy for him, despite women of all ages throwing themselves at him.

Can Amber overcome the demons from her past, before they destroy her future?


Unholy Desires

Book 2 in the Miller Family Series

Three months ago, I made the biggest mistake of my life.

I walked away from two men who made my pulse race with their gaze, and my body tremble at their touch. It's been three months of heartache as I forced myself to move on with my life; a life after Harmon and Greyson Miller.

The sexy twins from Unholy Trinity were everything to me, but I let my fear and uncertainty get in the way. I thought I’d lost them for good, but a twist of fate bought them back to me, and now we’re happier than ever.

When an unknown person from the past come back to threaten our relationship, the twins do everything they can to keep me safe. As the threats continue, we soon discover, desire can be hot, but it can also be deadly.

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Unholy Trinity

Book 1 in the Miller Family Series

What happens when you meet a guy who rocks your world? I mean honest to God, earth shattering, body shaking kind of world rocking.

You know the type: Tall, dark and dangerous, the one guy you wouldn’t dream of taking home to meet your mother. Yet, somehow, he’s all you can think about, all your body craves.

Then what happens when you meet his equally as tall, dark and dangerous identical twin brother?

Yeah, that’s the predicament I find myself in. Two guys, both hot as hell, and only one me. I know I should stay away from them, for my own sanity if nothing else, but I’m drawn to the brothers like a moth to a flame; I can’t resist them, no matter how hard I try, and I'm trying damn hard.

You’ve heard the saying ‘two’s company’, right? Well, in my case, three is most definitely not a crowd.