A Winter Miracle

A Four Seasons Novella ~ Book 1

For Angel Mitchell, Christmas has never been like it is for others. There are no family parties or turkey dinners. No exchanging of gifts or singing carols around an open fire. For her, Christmas is all about surviving the holidays without drowning in grief.

Gabriel 'Gabe' Moss loves everything about Christmas, including sharing his joy, and happiness with others. Everyone finds his love of the season infectious; everyone except Angel, who is determined to convince him that Christmas isn't the be all and end all, and she is perfectly fine the way she is.

Despite Angel’s protests, Gabe makes it his mission to make her believe in Christmas again, but when an unexpected threat to her safety appears out of nowhere, Gabe is forced to go against Angel's wishes to keep her safe.

Can Gabe break through Angel’s tough exterior, and melt the ice that has encased her heart for so many years?